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#A1 Steel Argentine Shank with Silver

$330.00 each Brand: Dennis MorelandDennis Moreland

This Steel Argentine Shank Bit with 7 inch shanks is made from 4130 steel and overlayed with beautiful hand engraved silver. Various mouthpieces are available and shown in the picture to the left. Choose the mouthpiece you need below (see dropdown). All mouthpieces are 5 1/8 inch.

Purpose: This is a nice mild shank and a good one to continue training with once your horse has advanced from the snaffle. This bit can often be used when a horse is having trouble or is resistant in a longer shanked bit and needs to come back to a milder bit with slower action for a time. This bit works well on many horses and is a great choice if you want one handy all-around shanked bit in the tack room. 

This bit comes with bit hobble #BH51 with hand braided rawhide keepers. Shown here with bit hobble #BH41.

Shown with mouthpiece 2B-the 7/16th inch diameter steel with medium port, slightly bowed, and with inlaid copper.