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#A4 Steel C Shank with Silver

#A4 Steel C Shank with Silver
$330.00 each

This 7 1/2 inch C style shank is a short “Buster Welch” shank. This shank works very well with a wide variety of mouthpieces and is a favorite with professional horsemen. This bit is made from 4130 steel and overlayed with hand engraved silver. Mouthpieces are available for every need (see the 2 pictures to the left) then select your mouthpiece below (see dropdown). All mouthpieces are 5 1/8 inch wide.

How it works: The angle of this shank gives the horse a signal which allows time for him to respond to the reins being adjusted (pulled) before the mouthpiece contacts the sides of the mouth, tongue and roof of the mouth and the curb strap makes contact with the chin (if curb is adjusted correctly) or vice-versa when the reins are released. This truly is a great little shank! Almost all horses respond to this shank with confidence and content.

This bit on the stand is shown with mouthpiece 2F-7/16th inch diameter steel, medium port, flat mouthpiece with inlaid copper and comes with the #BH51 3/8 inch Latigo Leather Bit Hobble (shown here).

Shown on horse in addition to the #A4 Steel C Shank Bit is the #HU1 Bosalita 3/16 Inch, the #DMR3 Round 3/8 inch Nylon Mecate, the #HS53 Two Buckle Slide Ear Headstall With Rawhide, the #CCR1 Rawhide Romel Reins and the #BC2 Shaped Breast Collar, custom stamped.